Episode 6

Published on:

10th Aug 2021

20. WFH? WTF?

Lisa Rothman thinks about Working From Home a lot. Like, a lot, alot. She thought about it so much that she produced a one woman show about it. Yeah. And she performs it from, you guessed it, home. Peak pandemic humor and we love it! But we're laughing with it, not at it! Well, also at it. But it's cool!

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We Heart Mom Jokes
Two mom comedians talk to other mom comedians about the perils of pandemic parenting
Welcome to the We Heart Mom Jokes Podcast. This is a series where Lalita and Smita, two comics who are moms talk to other comics who are moms about parenting in these strange times. If you are looking for useful tips on parenting, this is absolutely not the place for you. If you are looking to hear from others who are up to here in it but still trying to have a laugh along the way, you are in the right place. Welcome! Have you eaten?

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